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PS3ReCon stands for PlayStation3 REmote CONtrol. It allows you to use your Sony Playstation 3 Bluetooth Remote (aka BDRemote) with your Microsoft Windows © computer. It can emulate a keyboard (by default) sending keys to any application having the focus at the time, or send internal messages to a specific application like winamp using external plugins (.dll files)

For instance you can fully control "The KMPlayer" using the keyboard emulation, since the application automaticaly has the focus when you're watching a movie. Winamp on the other hand, may or may not have the focus when you're listening to music, thus it's safer to use the PS3ReCon Winamp plugin, which is able to send control codes directly to Winamp.

Basicaly it works by reading the code of the key you've pressed on the remote using Mike O'Brien's HIDLibrary.dll  and converting that code into some actual action.